Brandify Summit | Brand Identity


The Brandify Summit was a 3-day conference in Los Angeles for brand marketers and technology partners who are innovating the local marketing space. The Brandify design team and I were tasked with creating the brand identity, collaterals and presentation decks for this event.

With a new Brandify Summit logo consists of our “disrupted” brand icon, along with bold typography and a splash of Brandify brand colors, we hope to evoke a sense of disruption and empowerment while staying true to Brandify’s company identity.

See below for our event branding and photos:


Client: Brandify

My Role: Creative Direction & Design

Design Team: Valerie Reneau (Visual Designer) & Alex Orford (Video Producer & Editor)

Marketing & Events Team: Nancy Le, Mireya Prado, Lilie Nguyen & Diana Trinh




Set Goals. Brainstorm. Plan & Execute.

Challenge: This would be the 4th year of hosting the Brandify Summit. How do we continue to excite and attract more attendees?

Goal: Our goal was to create excitement, spark conversations, and empower our attendees (marketers, technologists and strategists) to become the local marketing advocates in their own industries.

Brainstorm: The team and I sat down and did a “word cloud” session - brainstorming different words that that resonated with our goal. As we analyze all our words, we were able to put them into 3 theme buckets - Disruption, Prediction, and Reveal. After rounds of discussions and presenting to the executive team, we settled on the theme Disruption. As technology has become one of the greatest disruptors of businesses and consumer behaviors in recent years, our team collectively agreed the theme of tech disruption is timely and would resonate with our event audience. We hoped to empower our attendees with the knowledge and tools to excel in local marketing despite of tech disruptions, therefore led with the tagline, “Building the Next Generation of Local” throughout the conference.

See below for our thought process and mood boards:




The Brandify Summit has attracted attendees across retail, finance, restaurant, manufacturing, insurance and healthcare industries, with speakers from Google, Yelp, IBM, Foursquare, Hubspot and more. It was a successful event and met our goal of educating and inspiring attendees to be the “next generation of local”.

See video recap below: