Brandify: Product Video Series


Brandify (formerly Where2GetIt) is a digital marketing company providing location-based solutions for brands to engage with consumers from online to in-store.

I developed a series of videos explaining Brandify’s products in a simple and friendly way. Below are two of the videos, Local Pages and Review Management solutions.


Client: Brandify

My Role: Direction, Design, Animation & SFX

Story & Script: Brandify Marketing Team





Brandify is a B2B company. Their products consist of many complex features, and most people are not familiar with this niche marketing industry.

Challenge #1: Why would our target audience want to learn about our products at the first place? We had to identify the pain points of today’s marketers, and speak to how Brandify can help marketers solve their issues.

Challenge #2: How do we explain these products in an interesting and digestible story? Marketers can then resonate with and find value in these products.

Script & Storyboard.

I worked closely with the marketing team and interviewed the project management and sales teams to really understand the products’ capabilities. After gathering all feedback, the content writer and I did rounds of brainstorming sessions and revisions to develop the story.


Working with the Brandify team to build initial storyboard and script.


Visual Style.

I developed a 2D flat design look to align with Brandify’s modern and friendly branding. Illustration was also a great way to personify intangible concepts and industry-specific terms (e.g. SEO, content management system, page rankings). It also made these abstract products more approachable. One example was visualizing a Local Page as an actual store front - to convey each Local Page is essentially the face of a brand’s brick-and-mortar store.




These videos are part of a sales toolkit for the Brandify team to start conversations with potential clients, giving any interested prospect a product overview under 2 minutes. It helped potential customers understand what Brandify does, and provided insights and stats about the local marketing industry.

The video “Are your local pages performing?” received Gold recognition for Muse Creative Awards Marketing Product & Services category.