Getty Unshuttered | Immersive Projection Exhibit


Getty Unshuttered is an annual live event takes place at the Getty Center, Los Angeles. The museum transforms into an eye-popping immersive exhibit at night with animation projections, music and interactive experiences, featuring photography of young local artists advocating for social justice.

I worked on 2 visual music pieces with directors Mike Patterson & Candace Reckinger along with an amazing team of artists from USC School of Cinematic Arts. Collectively we created a showcase of 2D and 3D animation projections, and several outdoor interactive pieces.

Here is the reel of the rehearsal night and day of the event on June 26, 2019:


Photos of my 2 visual music pieces:


Art Direction: Mike Patterson & Candace Reckinger

Projection Design & Animation: Ankita Panda, Ana Carolina Estarita Guererro, Baptiste Leroux, Chun Chun Chang, Eli Ayres, Keshav Prasad, Jiayi Xu, Crystal Jow, Dariel Filomeno, Emily Blau, Jordan Halsey, Bob Yong, Dodo Kitcharoen, Dalton Taylor, Eva Hill, Kaley Cho, Rui Huang, Sicong Tian, Ryan Livesay, Mitch McGlocklin, Madoka Midoriushi, Margaret To, Cheng Guo, Jake Wang, Xiaobo Ma, Xiaotong Wen, Jennifer Fortnash, Yimin Zhang

Production: Martzi Campos + Sean Bouchard

Technical Design: Jordan Halsey, Shaoyu Su

Projection: Arik Perelman

Music : Groundislava

Cinematography (Event Reel): Ting Cunanan

Editing (Event Reel): Eldon Arena




Concept & sketches.

My animation was inspired by and created based on the music piece by Groundislava. I wanted to take each musical layer/instrument and represent it through an animation element. With the various abstract elements animating at a different pace, it created an energetic piece that complement different layers within the music.

Concept stage: experimenting with lines and shapes.

Concept stage: experimenting with lines and shapes.


Process Reel.

Breakdown of each design layer and how they animate based on various beats within the music piece. Designing with the Getty Museum building layout in mind, I made sure the main animated elements were visible and not blocked by exterior windows or designs.