Getty Unshuttered | Immersive Projection Exhibit


Getty Unshuttered is an annual live event takes place at Getty museum, Los Angeles. The museum transforms into an eye-popping immersive showcase at night with animation projections, music and interactive experiences, featuring photography of young local artists advocating for social justice.

I worked on part of a visual music piece with directors Mike Patterson & Candace Reckinger along with a group of animation artists from USC.

Here’s the reel of the event on June 26, 2019:


And photos of my designs from the night:


Client: Getty Unshuttered 2019

My Role: Projection Design & 2D Animation

Music : Groundislava

Editor of the reel: Eldon Arena




Concept & mood boards.

My animation was inspired by and created based on the music piece by Groundislava. The approach I took was taking each musical layer/instrument and represent it through a design system/ animation element. I started out by sketching different patterns, and each pattern animates at a different pace. With the various visual elements animating at a different pace, it created an interesting, energetic piece that complement different layers within the music.

Experimenting with lines and shapes.

Experimenting with lines and shapes.


After Effects video tests.

Designing with the Getty Museum’s architecture/ wall layout in mind, I created multiple video tests to make sure the main animated elements are visible on the building walls.


Final render with music:

Designing with the Getty Museum’s —————————.