TED-Ed: The Unnatural World


I had the pleasure to work with TED's Science Curator and author at Scientific American, David Biello. This explainer video is an introduction to David’s book, “The Unnatural World”. It lays out our humanity’s situation in the Anthropocene, installs a sense of urgency and awareness of what we have done to alter our planet, and inspires us to take action to ensure our planet’s habitability.

Welcome to the Anthropocene:


Client: TED-Ed

My Role: Art Direction, Illustration, Animation

Music & Sound Design: Wonder Boy Audio





It was a lot of fun to doing research and learning about Earth’s history (and learning how a glyptodon looked like!). Working closely with David and the TED-Ed team helped me through the storyboarding process, making sure the story flowed and the visuals were an accurate portrayal of the environment and animals in the prehistoric era.

Horizontal and vertical pans were used as transitions throughout the video - as a playful way to make viewers feel like they are moving through a giant storybook.


Visual Style.

The concept of nature, science, and time is prominent throughout geology. I incorporated these 3 elements as the overall theme. Nature is represented by the contrast in scale to evoke nature’s vastness and power. The angular, geometric shapes resonates with the order and systematic study of science. Lastly, people associate the study of geology as the study of earth’s history, the past; but we are studying the past in hopes of creating a better future. The concept of “time” is represented through the overall futuristic and modern look, that we are looking into the future. See below for the style frames:




This video is now part of TED-Ed’s “Our Changing Climate” video series and has helped answered 7,865 questions through TED-Ed’s lesson page. Being able to generate interest, spark discussions and educate so many viewers on sustainability via YouTube, Facebook and TED-Ed lesson page was the biggest reward from this project.